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Earrings Haul

So if you follow me on instagram, you will see I have an obsession lately with earrings. I have basically had one large earrings haul. I have posted quite a few images of the earrings in my collection. But these aren’t the only earrings, I have so many in bags!

I’m not sure where this obsession came from, but this may be due to so many brands creating some amazing earrings lately.

Near enough every time i go shopping, i end up buying either 1 or 2 new sets of earrings.

Majority of the earrings are from primark as they do have a good selection but the last few times I’ve been in I’ve not been overly impressed with them.

Other shops I’ve bought some amazing earrings from include;

H&M, these are normally very quirky, they can be quite heavy so if you only need to wear them for a short amount of time they are perfect.

Mango; this was probably the shop which started off my obsession. They were the shop where I found all of the “face” silhouette ones. I love mix and matching the colours of these.

SkinnyDip; these are very quirky and always stand out. They are more expensive than your usual earrings such as in Primark but I do think the SkinnyDip ones are worth more money.


I have recently slowed down on my earring hauls and I am being a bit more picky with them. Mainly because I am running out of space in my room for them!

Have you picked up any good earrings lately? Let me know in the comments!

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    1. the seriously ones are from skinnydip! They have some amazing earrings at the minute!
      oo i wish i could, theres loads i would be wearing if i could!

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