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2018 Roundup

So 2018 is now coming to an end and this year has been absolutely crazy.

I allowed myself a little bit of time off over Christmas just so I could enjoy some time with the family.

A lot has happened in 2018, some great, some heartbreaking.

I was very fortunate to have gotten a new job back in February and I have loved working there ever since. I am a marketing co-ordinator for Kew Green Hotels which is very exciting for me as every day is different. I have worked on quite a few different projects already and it has been very challenging as well as adapting my skills.

I also very surprisingly passed my driving test in April! I was over the moon that this happened as I had bought a car a couple of weeks beforehand. I have done a post all about passing my driving test and how i coped with learning to drive. This was a very difficult thing for me as i had put off driving for over 5 years.

Since passing my driving test I have driven down to Birmingham a couple of times including for work and for the Christmas market. I have also driven to Manchester and York. This has really boosted my confidence whilst driving and I would definitely recommend this to anyone who has just passed their driving test.

With my new job, I went down to Brighton for our annual gala dinner. This was very exciting as I had never been to Brighton before. I got to meet so many people within the company as well as getting to see S Club 3 live, which is something teenage me really wanted to do!

I surprised my mum with a trip to legoland for her birthday as well as staying in one of our hotels in Slough. Where they treated my mum amazing and it was great to see a smile on her face.

Surprising Mum with a trip to Legoland for her birthday!

I unfortunately lost my uncle, I am still not ready to share what happened but it still affects me every day. I don’t think I will ever truly get over it.
Losing someone is never easy, however my uncle coming over from Australia did help to feel closer to the family again. I have also gotten a new relationship with my aunty, uncle and cousins which is definitely great. It will never make up for losing my uncle but it does help soothe the pain a little as I know he would be happy about this.

I went on my first girls holiday which I have documented in a travel diary. This was a great holiday with two of my oldest best friends and I already can’t wait for our next adventure.

I had another holiday with my mum and dad and spent a little bit too much in Sephora. As usual. After everything that had happened in the year, it was great to have some family time and relax a little.

I also turned 23 which is making me feel like i am getting very old! I know you have to grow up but can it just slow down please? There is so much I want to do before i get too old to do it!

I got my first tattoo, i actually got this in memory of my uncle. I have always wanted a tattoo since i turned 18. I didn’t get one because I just couldn’t decide what to get, it took me years to decide on this one. I was expecting it to be very painful as well, but the pain was just more like a slight scratch.

I also had the mad rush up to Christmas, both at work and at home. I was prepared with all presents but then there seemed to be a mad rush at the end! Does anyone else get that? Or is it just me?

I also of course got more into ice hockey and went to quite a lot of games! Which will of course go into 2019.

I will leave my round up at that, I feel it has been a very busy year with a lot going on but I will be going into 2019 with high hopes!

Until next time


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