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Travel Diaries: Travelling Comfortably

The one thing I always despise about going on holiday, is deciding what to travel in. I don’t know if its just me but I find it so difficult. I am always thinking am I going to be too hot? too cold? Do I need to layer up? Do I need to bring a jacket? a blanket? a pillow?

Honestly, I overpack because of all of these reasons.

However, on my trip to Ibiza I don’t think I was too bad, the girls may say otherwise!

young woman stood outside east midlands airport with two suitcases
Travelling in style

But I did end up being extremely comfy and I wore the outfit to travel in both times as well as travelling on my second holiday to France!

I think you always need to wear something you would normally wear, as I have found if I travel in a tracksuit for instance, I am so uncomfy because this isn’t something I would normally wear on a daily basis.

I ended up travelling in a dress i picked up from Sainsburys, I thought this dress is one that could be worn in so many different situations so it was definitely worth £25!

I loved the long sleeves of this dress as they were quite baggy so it kept me cool but also kept me warm when needed.

I paired this outfit with a classic pair of white trainers and a bum bag, but i have since worn this with dolly shoes as well as red ankle boots. I love the versatility of this dress because I can change it around with so many different other pieces of clothing.

What do you tend to travel in?

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  1. I wear the same thing every time I fly more than a few hours: leggings, a comfortable cotton t-shirt, warm socks, and a hoodie (sometimes I’ll put the hood over my face to block out light ahah). I definitely value comfort over style for long flights.

    Rachel ||

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