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I absolutely love SkinnyDip London, I think their products are amazing due to the originality and quirkiness of them.

Obviously they aren’t the cheapest but if you have student discount, they have 10% off all year round with occasionally 20% off.

I have been writing this SkinnyDip post for quite a while but for some reason never quite got around to posting it, I am unsure why though.

Every time I go into SkinnyDip or anywhere near a SkinnyDip I end up spending or adding more to my list of things I want.

A lot of the things i have bought from SkinnyDip recently has been along the lines of their clothing range, there has been a lot of cute and quirky items, especially slogan items.

I have previously purchased a couple of their bags, this was what originally started me off from purchasing from them. They were creating bags which no one else was even comparing to. But now that trends are developing, more brands are creating similar bags to what SkinnyDip were originally.

Now they have delved into more original jewelry, phone cases alongside their clothing range.

In their stores, they always include other brands as well, which i personally think is an amazing way to promote other brands alongside promoting your own brand as being unique.
I have noticed brands such as:
Merci Handy
Miss Pattisserie
Nails Inc
and my favorites Space Masks

I have included some images of the different products i have bought from SkinnyDip as i do think the variety of products is what sells SkinnyDip to people. Not only are they selling in their own stores, but they also sell their bath and body products in major stores like Boots!

Items that I have bought include:

Candy Fur RhieCross body Bag
jewelled Shell Crossbody Bag
I can’t quite remember the name of my other pink bag but it’s similar to this one but plain

I have only bought the one purse from SkinnyDip but I still love it, it is the Yuck Fou one

Not today satan
Hungry Ladies Club
*Signs legal document with fluffy pen*
Buy Me Food

I have also bought the buy me food in the sweater as I just couldn’t resist!

A great thing about SkinnyDip is that if you spend over £20 you get a tote bag for half price, or if you spend over £30 you get it for free! So currently i think i have every single tote bag!

What do you think of SkinnyDip? Are you as obsessed as i am?

If you want to know more about what I bought, let me know in the comments!

Until next time


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