Travel Diaries: Ibiza Day 4

Following on from day 3 of my Ibiza Travel Diaries, Day 4 was all about the hippy market!

This market is absolutely huge, we knew we were going to pick up some amazing bits from this market. The market wasn’t far from our hotel, we had to walk past the beach to get there so we planned to go to the beach on our way back.

I would say the market was about a 15 minute walk away as you did have to walk quite a while as the market was kind of in the middle of nowhere, I think this is because of how large the market actually is.

We were warned by others that the market can get very busy due to the popularity of it, but you always get people telling you certain things when you’re away.

However we got to the hippy market for about 11am and it was absolutely packed!
The main thing about the hippy market was because it was so busy you couldn’t see every single s

tall. We were probably there for a good couple of hours wandering around and looking at the various things around. There were plenty of food stalls and places to sit and relax in so you could definitely make a day out of if you wanted to.

If I was to go back to Ibiza I would 100% make a full day out of this market as there is definitely so much we missed out on.

They of course had the obligatory woven bracelets which my friend picked up about 10 of, there was so many nice little souvenirs and on the way in/way out they had Hippy Market branded products, such as t-shirts, tote bags, fridge magnets. I think having things like this made the whole market seem a little bit more special as there was so much going on and sometimes these kind o

f markets can seem unorganised and a bit of a pain!

After we had gotten lost a couple of times and spent as much money as possible, we decided to hit the beach. We all forgot though, we hate the sand. We love the idea of just relaxing around sunbathing, but sand is just a nightmare. It goes everywhere. I love going in the sea but then of course you just can’t get rid of the sand which sticks to you.

So we didn’t really stay at the beach for too long, instead we headed back to the hotel to enjoy more all inclusive drinks! Before getting ready to go out.

This was the night out that we had all been looking for as we said this was going to be the night where we just drank and didn’t have to worry about getting back so we could get up early the next day.  This did end up with us drinking quite a lot, and having a bit of a wild night and such a laugh. We actually ended up on the dance floor on our own, which isn’t something we would normally do back home and ended up having shots with the owner of the bar!

We didn’t end up doing a lot on the final day as we were quite hungover and ended up having a very lazy day, lounging around the pool and doing last little bits of shopping at the local shops.

I’m not going to do a post all about day 5 as it was literally just sleeping and doing small bits of shopping.  I would definitely recommend going to Ibiza on a holiday and i 100% would love to go back!

If you have any questions about my trip to Ibiza, let me know in the comments!

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