Travel Diaries: Ibiza Day 3

Following on from day 2 of my ibiza travel diaries, we of course had to go into Ibiza town!

A main thing everyone said to us before going to Ibiza was that taxis were very expensive so we definitely thought we needed to have a look at cheaper transportation as we wanted to spend the money on better things; the alcohol in Popeyes!bubbles in ibiza town

But no the transport in Ibiza was so easy, we had a bus stop about 5 minute walk away from our hotel, from there we managed to get into Ibiza town for something silly like €12 for all 3 of us!

It took around an hour which was probably the most annoying thing as obviously if you go in a taxi its a lot shorter time as you’re not having to stop all the time.

If you are going to Ibiza I would definitely recommend leaving a day just for exploring, we didn’t spend the full day there but you easily could.

With a variety of things in Ibiza town, it is 100% a must see. From cute little stalls to boho fashion to your well known shops like Zara, there is so much for anyone.

Not only is there enough for you to spend your money on, but there is also a lot just for you to see. With it being the main town in Ibiza you will always have something going off, for us we saw a man playing with bubbles, which is always fun. Alongside this, we got dropped off at Port d’Eivissa which was just full of very expensive yachts which again is always fun to see and wish you had the money for that kind of yacht!

mcdonalds in ibiza, chicken nuggets with bacon and cheese fries

Alongside all of this, there is plenty of food options, from Hard Rock Cafe to McDonalds to sushi restaurants, tapas and Mediterranean and plenty more to choose from.

We went for the typical McDonalds but there are so many options that if you did want to make a full day out you could have eaten at one of the many options there.

After we had explored and shopped as much as we could, we headed back to the hotel. It didn’t help that the heat was insane so you don’t want to be out in it for too long. We also wanted to make sure we had time to relax before heading out that night!

young women with a pink hair braidOn our way back to the hotel, we ended up staying and having a braid done. Yes we may be 21/22 but who turns down getting a braid done with your gals?

That night, we of course went back to Popeyes and had a few too many drinks (again).We did the same thing as the night before and didn’t stay out too late as we had planned to go to the hippy market which we had been warned gets very busy very early so we didn’t want to struggle getting out of bed that morning!

My next post will be all about the hippy market and what we got up to on day 4!

Until next time


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