Travel Diaries: Ibiza Day 2

Following on from my day 1 post of my ibiza travel diaries, I thought it would be good to actually tell you what we did on our first real day in ibiza. This post is all about my travel diaries: day 2!

Being all inclusive, we tried to plan our days around the meal times. We love our food so why would we want to miss out on 3 meals a day??

We didn’t really venture too far from the hotel but we did have a good adventure as to what was near us.

On our second day, we had a little look on google maps to see what was around and we noticed that as we walked straight out our hotel and down the road this led to the beach. probably a minute walk down a slight hill and you were at the beach. Along all of this road you had little shops which were just full of souvenirs and little bits and bobs.

As this was our first real day , we definitely made the most out of all of these shops, picking up fridge

two women smiling in a selfie

magnets and gifts for everyone back home as well as ideas as to what we wanted as well.
There was also a little supermarket which we picked up the essentials (bottled water and snacks). I think our hotel was in a great position as there was quite a lot around especially as if we needed anything you could literally take a 5 minute walk to get it. We were also a 5 minute walk away from the bus stop which seemed to run constantly.

Other than exploring what was around, we made it a pool day as well. With alcohol on tap, what else are you supposed to do than sit around the pool drinking for the majority of the day?

As it was quite a relaxing day, we of course planned to head out that night!

We did see quite a few bars that we thought would be quite nice to go to, but when

a young women in an off the shoulder mustard top with black trousers stood on a balcony

we were booking the holiday we noticed a place called Popeyes which looked like our kind of place so we found out where this was and headed there after a couple more drinks at the hotel.

We actually liked this place so much we went back every night, but anyway the cocktails there were absolutely incredible and only cost something daftlike €7/8 which is nothing for how big they were.a blue alcoholic drink

The drinks were incredibly nice but we only stayed for a couple of drinks as we had planned to go into Ibiza town the next day and had to be up a little earlier so we didn’t want to walking around with hangovers. The staff there were also incredible, they would remember the drinks orders and if only 1 of us went to the bar they would help bring the drinks over to the table to us!

My next post will be all about Ibiza town and where we went!

Until next time


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