Travel Diaries: Ibiza Day 1

So if you saw my post about my holiday to Ibiza, I thought I would split this up into daily posts so you can actually see what I got up to on this holiday! This post is all about travel diaries: day 1!

Day 1 was mainly travelling as our flight wasn’t until 3:55pm but it was actually delayed so it wasn’t until around 4:40 that we actually left England! It is a good thing we pigged out in the airport as by the time we got to our hotel it was about 10:30pm meaning the restaurant was closed.

table full of food including garlic bread, fries and a variety of wraps
Our pre-flight meal at Frankie and Bennys!

they did leave out a salad for guests who arrived late but you couldn’t exactly call this a salad. We obviously did some shopping in duty free whilst we there, picking up the obligatory perfume! and of course stocking up on sweets for the plane journey, nothing better than having some sweets.

As you can see, we did eat quite a lot in the airport, we knew we would be there a while so we thought we might as well eat as much as we can and obviously drink!

Once we finally got into Ibiza, we then had an hours transfer to the hotel, we were starting to nearly fall asleep by the time we pulled up. The only issue we had when we got there was that our 3 bed-room was actually only set up as a 2 bed with a sofa bed. Working and staying in hotels often I thought the sofa bed may be one we could sort out, however this was just a very weird sofa bed that you could not figure it. instead we just went and spoke to the concierge who sorted it out straight away for us.

The sun rising behind the clouds in Ibiza
A beautiful sight as we departed the plane!

We were quite lucky as we had gone all inclusive, we just went straight to the bar to get a drink as we knew we would need it after the long day. As we had arrived later than we had hoped, it meant we couldn’t explore until the next day so we didn’t end up drinking all night and having a slightly early night so we would be up and ready to see what was around us.

My next post will be all about our first proper day and what we saw, I will also include outfit posts as well as a travelling outfit post. I know sometimes it can be difficult to find a comfortable travelling outfit so I will definitely do this for you!

Until next time


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