Travel Diaries: Ibiza

I was very lucky to get to go on my first girls holiday earlier this year with 2 of my best friends.

These are two girls who I have been friends with for near enough 10 years.

We have always said we should go on holiday and never actually planned anything or gone through with anything, this was probably all done to us going off to university, being at school and having busy schedules but this year we said enough is enough, we are going.

Our first plan was to go to Palma Nova, near Magaluf as we wanted a holiday for drinking but we also wanted the choice to go to the drinking party places but also to actually relax and see different things. on the night we actually went to book the holiday though, we ended up looking at Tenerife and then booked Ibiza!

We booked to stay at Invisa Hotel Ereso┬áin Playa Es Cana, we stayed in more of a family hotel than the party side (San Antonio), this again is because we quite like to go out drinking but we aren’t massive drinking party people so we like to do it on our terms and do what we enjoy. having said that we have said if we go back we would love to go to San Antonio to actually experience that.

Our holiday was booked Sunday 15 July to Friday 20th July, we have said we would have loved to go for longer but it is always down to money and the flights.

This was a very relaxed holiday, apart from drinking near enough every night, but I will do some more travel diary posts about my holiday to Ibiza as there were some specific places which I definitely recommend and would love to share with everyone.

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