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I’m Back (Again!)

So once again I have been a little absent.

I’m not even sure why this time. I think time just kinds of flies away from me, working full time is exhausting and I am still trying to find a routine but with everything that has gone on in my life I have kind of lost my love for blogging.

I am hoping I will soon find this love again, as I do miss my little place to write my reviews and write about all sorts of things. it has been hard for me as there are things going off in my life that I am unsure of whether to write about or not, I am 100% still processing everything which makes it even harder. sometimes I even struggle to say it out loud to my friends and family, so maybe putting it out to the entire world isn’t the best option right now.

I hope one day I can talk about this openly and actually write down everything but I don’t know if that will ever come.

Other than a big thing happening in my life, I have been quite busy, shopping (obviously) and everything else!

I am hoping to get some reviews up, I have plenty of new products that I have been trying so I definitely want to get this up. I have also been obsessed with Skinnydip lately so I am hoping to get a haul up soon, this haul in a way will be quite a few shops over the last few months as I definitely did not buy everything in one go!

I also have my first ever tattoo booked in for 3 weeks time so when I eventually have that I may do a post on the expectations and everything for that, you will also know wi have been on two holidays this year so I am hoping to get some posts up about that!

Just bare with me whilst I get back into the flow and obviously taking and editing some images for the posts!

If there is a certain post you want, let me know!

Until next time


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