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Moving back Home

I moved back home after 3 years of university, what did I do next?

It’s been over a year since I moved back home from university. Not going to lie it wasn’t ideal, I always hoped I would move to Manchester after living in Preston.

Unfortunately, life didn’t work out how i wanted it to. I couldn’t get a job, meaning I had to move back home.

You don’t get as much freedom living at home and you cant just come and go as you please. This can be frustrating to be honest.

It doesn’t help that before I initially moved out, me and my parents would always argue over stupid stuff. Moving back into that situation doesn’t always help, but this time we all knew what riles each other up. It’s good to try and avoid those circumstances.

Making the most of your time

Something I have realised from moving back home is that we all need to make the most of all the time we can spend with our families. If you read my quick update post you will remember something horrible happened within my family so in the last few months I have realised to make the most out of seeing my family.

If you have to move back home I would definitely recommend making the most out of being with your family. Make time for each other and not just your immediate family.

Something I have realised moving back home is that you need to find something fun to do. Sitting around having a cup of tea is great for a catch up but sometimes its goo

d to get out and actually do something.

My family like to go to watch ice hockey together, whether we go to the arena or stream it. We like to do this as a family and its something we all enjoy. Why not get your family into a sport? Enjoy that time together.

Why not plan a family day out?

We’ve had days out to Newcastle and Blackpool. Or even extend this into a mini vacation like my family did in Liverpool.

It means you actually have planned some days out with dedicated time to your family.

You can always link in your sport to some days out, for us we went to Milton Keynes to see the Great British ice hockey team play in their training games. This was great as it meant I got to see a different place as well as seeing a game of hockey.

I always like to think spending time with your family is great, it brings you closer to them and actually get to know them. Even going out for a meal every now and again, finding new places to explore as a family.

Sometimes being with your parents 24/7 can get a little too much. It is great to just have your own space, when I need to get away from my parents I will either go out in my car with my friends or relax in my room.

Respecting your family as well as them respecting you is definitely important. The way this works in my family is actually speaking to one another, it helps them that I pay my way in the house. Some parents may expect you to help around the house.

This is something I do with mine as they do put a roof over my head! It shows them that you’re not just expecting them to do everything for you.

How do you spend time with your family? How do you cope living at home?

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