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Quick update!

So as you may have noticed I’ve been a little absent again. But I am now on holiday so hopefully I will be back writing again.

I had a family incident happen in June just as I had got my blogging mojo back so this stopped me writing, but all my posts had been scheduled so I was covered for a while until I ran out and then I just couldn’t find the energy to write.

I’m not going to speak about the incident as to be honest it is still ongoing and I haven’t been able to process it. Plus I don’t think everyone needs to know the ins and outs of everything.

I do have a few things to update you on and that was my trip to Ibiza with the girls so I may do a travel diary on that and then I am on holiday (again) so I may do a travel diary on this but it could be very similar to my previous one as I am back in the same place!

I will eventually do a post all about my driving experience as it’s amazing to think this time last year I’d only just started my lessons and now I’ve been passed 4 months!

If there’s any posts you want to see just drop me a comment!🌸

Until next time


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