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Travel Diaries: Day 15

This is my final day of the travel diaries! It has taken me far too long to get this section completed. This post is all about travel diaries: day 15.

Day 15 was all about travelling from the villa to Calais ready for the tunnel home the next day. It’s always great to stop off at Calais as it breaks up the journey.

Calais is such a lovely place to visit, theres always something to do and something to visit.

The place we stayed at for food was the same place we had gone the year before. It is actually called The Family Pub. They speak english and they also accept english cards, which makes it so much easier sometimes when you are going to a restaurant / pub.

Something that is close to Calais is Cite Europe, this is an amazing shopping centre and has a great Sephora. We always stop off here at the beginning of our holiday and again at the end. It definitely ends my holiday great as I get to have that last little shopping trip before I go home.

I would definitely recommend Calais to anyone who has the time to explore and to make the most out of the shopping and the experiences you can gain from this place.

That is the end of my travel diaries for now, I have some good travelling plans coming soon so keep your eyes peeled for that!

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