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Travel Diaries: Day 14

So I still haven’t finished my travel diaries from my August holiday and I have a more things to add to my travel diaries so I am hoping to get this completed for you very soon!

Day 14 was a bit of a chilled out day, we went to the beach! I absolutely love beach days even though I hate sand. Strange I know but I feel like days at the beach are always just so much more relaxing.

Especially French beaches as they tend to always have markets nearby so you can try out some amazing things. The beach town we visited was Arcachon. We decided to go on the day we did due to the market being on and we hadn’t been before so we didn’t know what to expect and we wanted to do more than just sit on a beach.

Luckily in the market there was a stall for fresh macarons, and if you have ever been to France then you know the macarons are the best thing to have ever been created.

I had a variety of flavours including mojito and nutella. I actually can’t wait to go back to this place just for those macarons!

Arcachon is a great little town to visit, there isn’t that much there apart from the market so I would plan your day mainly around going to the market and then chilling on the beach as you could be disappointed about what is actually there.

I have put together a little slideshow of the macarons and a few selfies me and my family took.

Hopefully my travel diaries will be finished very soon.

Until next time


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