Graduating from University; Whats next?

So its been about 8 months since I graduated university so I thought I’d do a little bit of a whats next post.

Leaving university was a big thing for me, I had literally worked my whole life to go to university and with the blink of an eye. It was over.

Obviously at the end of all that you don’t really know where to start or where to go.

I tried to be organised and get a grad job straight away, I mustt have applied for 300+ plus from march onwards. I had a fair few interviews, a few I wish I had been offered but a few I was glad I wasn’t offered the job.

Quite a few jobs I went for were classed as marketing assistant roles but were actually door to door sales so if you are wanting a marketing assistant role please watch out for things like this!

So i graduated in July 2018, which right now feels like forever ago but at the time it was the most nervewracking thing ever. You never know if youre going to get a job, whether its going to be a degree related job or whether youre going to have to get a part time job to get you by.

What i did was i started applying for jobs in March, and believe me when i say i applied for ANYTHING. From Starbucks, Superdrug, Travelodge. Those are just a few i applied for but i must have applied for over 300 jobs. I’m not going to lie, i was terrified thinking i was never going to get a job. When it got to June, i started to realise i was going to have to move back home to get me started. I couldn’t afford to live in Preston without a job. This was devasting for me as i didnt want to leave Preston and i didnt really want to move back home either.

Don’t get me wrong i love my family but after 3 years of living without them, it was strange moving home but i will do a post on that. I had to admit to myself that it wasn’t going to be easy getting a job but i had to keep looking for anything just so i could afford to keep living!

Something which i never thought i would have to do after around 4 months of not having a job was sign up for jobseekers. This was such a big thing for me and for a while i was so embarrassed of myself and was so ashamed that i had to do this. Luckily my parents were amazing with me and i kept saying “sometimes you have to accept the help, you’re worked before, accept what you’re entitled to”. Which is so true. There are so many people out there who call people benefit scroungers but at that time i was desperate and i would have preferred to work but i just couldn’t get a job! Even the lovely ladies at the job centre were confused and many said i was applying for jobs which i was over qualified for!

Sometimes you really feel like giving up because it can become awful, applying for jobs and being rejected, going for interviews and being rejected.

I finally was offered a job, this wasn’t the best job for me as I wasn’t getting much out of the job itself and it wasn’t the best wage. However, it was a job and it eventually helped me land my second job. I did keep looking whilst I had this job as I knew it wasn’t suitable for me and I knew i wasn’t gaining anything. I stuck this job out for about 5 months as i was constantly looking for something else but i also needed the money for my driving lessons.

After what felt like months of searching, i finally landed my new job. Marketing Co-Ordinator for Kew Green Hotels, this is a big thing for me as i had never worked in hospitality before, it was nerve wracking but also very exciting.

I have now worked at this company for nearly 4 months and there are so many new challenges but in a great way!

The way my life turned out after graduation wasnt exactly what i hoped but it also showed me that you cant give up, you may not get offered your dream job straight away. You have got to work hard regardless of what degree qualification you got. Regardless of which university you went to. Regardless of if you even went to university.

I am now excited for the future and seeing how my career progresses but i will hopefully be back to blogging regularly now i am settled in my job!

Until next time


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