I’m back!!🙌🏼

So I’ve been gone a while (again)

Sorry but I’m back!!🙌🏼

I have been trying to push myself to get back into it but sometimes you just don’t have the energy after such a long day to log onto another laptop and start writing.

But I am going to try again, I have really missed having my own little space on the internet😩

so what I have been up to?

Honestly not a lot apart from work🤦🏼‍♀️

My last post was April 3rd, in that month I went and passed my driving test first time, I will do a post all about my experience as I was so nervous for everything driving wise but I’m back!!🙌🏼!

I also bought my first car! I absolutely love my little Mini One, it’s such a dream to drive even though it is an old car and does need some love.

I went to see GB ice hockey in Milton Keynes, the same day I bought my car I went down to Milton Keynes meaning I couldn’t drive my car! This was such a great experience though as I had never seen GB play before. Even though we lost those games, we then went into the IIHF World Championship and won gold meaning next year we will be playing the likes of USA and Canada! As you can imagine as an ice hockey fan this is amazing!🏒

I went to Brighton with work, this may sound boring to some but I was so excited. I’ve never been on a work trip before and this was for our annual general managers conference and gala dinner. I will do a blog post about this as there is a lot to tell you about it all!

Me and the girls booked our first girls holiday! This is massive as we have said for so many years we should go away and now we’ve booked to go Ibiza! I am so excited for this holiday so you may see me post about this more🌞

I also had my blog hacked which was quite scary and so frustrating getting everything back under control but I’m back!!🙌🏼

Hopefully I will get back into a routine of posting! Keep your eyes peeled for my posts👀

Until next time


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  1. Eeekkkkkk! Welcome back beautiful! I’m so happy for you and all that you’ve done while you’ve been away! Congratulations on passing your drivers test and buying a car…that’s AMAZING! And yaaassssss for booking your first girls holiday, I’m sure that will be a blast! So glad you’re back and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you and your little piece of the internet! 💗

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