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Travel Diaries: Day 13

Day 13 in Libourne

Day 13 in my travel diaries was actual a really fun but chilled out day. The location we stayed at in France this year was a great one because there were so many cute little towns nearby which we could easily visit.

One of the towns we visited was Libourne. we had never visited Libourne before so we weren’t exactly sure what to expect but we planned to go on their market day just incase there wasn’t much really there.

A great thing for me about Libourne was that there was yet another Sephora! As you can imagine, I was definitely very happy. my dad wasn’t though as he had to make do with me shopping in yet another makeup shop.

What is in Libourne?

Libourne is a really cute town, there isn’t much there though. Thats probably one of the only downsides, that theres just a handful shops, this includes Sephora and a┬ábijou brigitte, which is a lovely accessories shop. I could have spent so much time and money in┬ábijou brigitte as there was so many different styles available, plus the shop was sectioned out so it was easy to shop and see what style you preferred.

There was also their cute little market on, which contained a lot of random stuff which we hadn’t seen at other markets before. There were a lot of things which you tend to see a lot at English markets, like fidget spinners, cheap toys, but then there were also the original French items, like the woven bags and personalised leather.

I do really enjoy going to these small markets because you get to see so many different things and products which you may not normally see. If you ever get the chance to visit any small villages or towns in any country, I would 100% recommend it. you just never know what you’re going to find!

I’m only doing a small post for day 13 as theres not too much to say about Libourne, But day 14 is a very exciting one so keep your eyes peeled!

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