Travel Diaries: Day 12

Well day 12 in my travel diary was actually such a fun day. It consisted of going canoeing, which we do every year. Then going out for food so I was definitely a very happy girl!










Starting with canoeing:

We go every year, we tend to stay in different places in the south of France. It doesn’t matter where you stay as there will be so many canoeing companies around.

As this is the third time we’ve been, I was adamant I could go in my own canoe rather than sharing with my mum and dad. However, I didn’t really realise how difficult it is on your own.

Even so, I did keep going, I was absolutely drenched by the end of it. There were massive holes in the bottom (not sure why, apparently there is meant to be holes in them). Obviously all the water came through but it was muddy water so I looked an absolute mess!

I will be honest, if you’re going for a long canoeing session, don’t go in your own canoe unless you’re really fit. I was absolutely done in, my mum had to hold my canoe and my dad had to pull us both for a while!

However, it was quite fun having my own canoe and not getting annoyed by my parents splashing me as I was always at the front. I do recommend if you’re going to go canoeing, please don’t wear your favourite outfit. You can’t guarantee what the water will be like.

Next Stop: Food

The next stop after the canoeing, was to go back to the house and get freshened up. I definitely needed to after how much of a mess I was in after the canoeing.

We had already decided that this day was going to be the day we was going to go to my favourite restaurant; Buffalo Grill. If it was up to me, we would go to this restaurant every day on our trip because it is incredible, especially the ribs, they are to die for. However, we only go once for our whole holiday due to it not being very cheap!

I love going to Buffalo Grill, because the taste of the food is always incredible, but also the staff.
I think they’re best seller is the ribs so every time I go and I ask for the ribs they like to joke and say they don’t have any. Maybe its the British thing, they like to have a laugh and put their customers at ease?
Either way they’re incredible and I’m already drooling at the thought of next years ribs.

Whats your favourite activity to do on holiday? Also, in France, whats your favourite restaurant? let me know in the comments!

Until next time




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