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Travel Diaries: Day 11 Outfit

Travel Diaries: Day 11 was all about my lazy day and the trip to the supermarket so I chose an outfit which I actually still love so of course I had to share it. Travel Diaries: Day 11 Outfit was an outfit I want to wear again soon but the weather just doesn’t work well with it.

I love this dress, I think its because of the colour and style but it was also very inexpensive.

Outfit Details

T-shirt: H&M, I actually picked this up from France but I’m sure it is still available in English stores. it was only roughly £8.99
Shorts: I’m not 100% where I got this but I have a feeling its Tesco. They’re super soft and comfy!
Shoes: Primark, I think they have these in different variations, I have actually broken these so I need to get some new ones
Overshirt: Tesco, this was just a random pick up and was only around £15, I loved that it could just tie an outfit together so easily
Sunglasses: I picked these up cheap from one of the markets!










Whats your go to comfy outfit on holiday? Let me know!

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