REVIEW: Cadden & Lee London: British Facial Sheet Mask

*Disclaimer: I was sent out a product in exchange for a review, however all views and opinions are my own*

So in the time I’ve been away from blogging, I was gifted two face masks from Cadden and Lee. They contacted me through Instagram at the end of October. Explaining who they were and that they were a new brand launching their new facial sheet masks and if I wanted to try these out.

Obviously I did.  I mean did you see my Instagram with all my face masks?

I love face masks and I love supporting new brands and what they offer to everyone. I especially love this brand because they are British based with UK suppliers. They’re natural and organic as well as being suitable for vegetarians. There is no fragrance which means there are no artificial preservatives. They do not test on animals which is amazing. If you want to know a little more about the actual brand this is their website.

Obviously its great reading what the brand is like and all the amazing positives. But does the facial mask actually do anything? is it any good?

Cadden and Lee offer two different masks:

Rejuvenating & Moisturising with Lavender

Refreshing & Moisturising with Tea Tree

I like how small this company is as right now it is showing exactly how much effort and work is going into making those two masks the best possible.

I have only tried one of this since receiving it. Thats because I like to alternate between my others and as you can see I do have quite a lot! The mask I tried was the rejuvenating and moisturising with lavender one.

My Opinion

I found this to be quite nice on my skin. Sometimes it doesn’t sit right and it can be quite annoying to relax with it on, whereas this I felt was quite a perfect fit for my face and didn’t make me have to move it constantly to ensure I could breathe.

I decided to try this one out first as I had been having trouble sleeping a lot so I thought the lavender may relax me more and help me get to sleep. The mask I tried has organic camomile water in which helps deliver deep and extra hydration and provide nourisement for your skin. The organic camomile water helps dry and sensitive skin, which is definitely what my skin can be like down to this horrible windy weather.

I definitely think this mask helped to smooth some of my irrated skin and softened it up a little. I always think its easier to notice when your skin is awful to whether a face mask has worked or helped at all.

Not only do they put a lot of effort into the actual masks though, the packaging is something else. The packaging is absolutely gorgeous, with the intricate illustrations to the actual layout on the back. They have made sure everything you need to know is on the packaging. but not in a boring way, they have managed to create an interesting and visually appealing background.


These sheet masks sell at £5 each or 4 for £16. I honestly think this is an amazing deal, these masks have so much amazingness (is that a word) in them. All the great ingredients making a face mask which makes your skin feel great but also the fact that they are great before makeup but also before bed. either way these masks are a perfect little treat to have in your bathroom/bedroom.

If you’re looking for a new mask to try out, definitely check out Cadden and Lee!

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