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So a couple of weeks ago (26/10), well a few months ago. I was invited to Prezzybox’s Jingle Mingle Blogger Event. I should have wrote this post straight away the event but work commitments kind of took over.
But anyway, i was super excited to go to this event as i absoloutely love christmas. But i didnt really know anyone going.

Thats when the anxiety sets in. Going to an event on your own and not knowing if youre going to know anyone!

Who was there?

Luckily a blogger who I have spoken to a couple of times ended up going. Which meant I was able to have a catch up with her. Funnily enough she actually lives quite close to me!

So on arrival I was actually alone and the lovely DebraBow took me in with her group. I’m so bad at times I’ve actually forgotten who they were. This is why I should write things straight away. I know (after looking back at social media stuff) that Chloe was there and I also got to meet Abbey.

But anyway they noticed me standing alone and invited me to speak with them and get to know them. This is one of the reasons I love the blogging community. So many people are friendly and willing to talk to you and get to know you and your blog.

Shortly after I had speaking to Debra and her friends, the lovely Helen ( showed up. I had previously met her at the Botanist party as well as speaking to her on Facebook a few times.  It was definitely nice seeing a familiar face and not feeling so alone!

I love going to these kinds of events on my own and meeting new people. You learn so much more about blogging in general and how others handle it.

What do I like about these events?

The thing I loved about this event was that there were so many different things. But then when you think about Prezzybox that kind of fits with them. So the main part was we had a talk from Talk Becky Talk but this wasn’t until later on in the evening. Meaning us bloggers could have a wander around the tables seeing what types of products they stock. But also in the back two rooms were some activities we could take part in.

One of them was creating your own bow, so obviously as this was close to Christmas you could create your own bows for on peoples presents. I actually wanted to do this for presents but by the time I remembered how to do it I just couldn’t be bothered. Maybe next year ill give myself more time to make presents look nice.

The other section you could go to was where you could create your own perfume with The Perfume Studio. 

I think this is a great little customisation activity that will bring in anyone, not just a blogger. The opportunity to create your perfect perfume was something I couldn’t turn down. I’m normally really picky what I want scent wise but with all the various scents in front of me it only took me a couple of minutes to put together the scents I really like.

I thought this was a great way to entice people in and I have told so many people about this company since the event because i loved the whole process! Even so I am still yet to order a refill of mine though but I have been a bit busy to even think about that! Making a perfume means thinking of a name for mine and i was so original with the name “Hiitskirstyy Classic” but the scent is such a classic one for me. i went with a citrus, woody and gentle floral mix. I know it doesn’t sound right but believe me its the perfect mix.

What else?

I’ve been away from blogging for so long I don’t really know what else to say about the event. I just thought it was completely different to other events I’ve been to. I’m not sure if its because it was Prezzybox and they offer a variety of brands so they wanted to include that in their event? Either way I loved it and I have since purchased from Prezzybox. These were christmas gifts so I can speak about it properly now. I ordered my brothers girlfriend this personalised tea light box, and I had it say “the most important thing is family” as she is basically family, as well as ordering them a joint present of a movable hockey table so they can play this anywhere.

The only downside was the present for Carrie-Ann came a little damaged and not as great as I thought it was going to be so I emailed the Prezzybox team to see if it was supposed to be like this or not. Anyway the amazing customer service team sorted this straight away and got me a replacement sorted. Normally it annoys me when this happened and initially I was cause I had enjoyed meeting everything at the event to then get this disappointment,

However, as the customer service team were amazing, it definitely filled my confidence again.

Have you ever bought from Prezzybox before? Whats your opinion? If you made your own perfume, what scents would you use? Let me know in the comments!


Until next time


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