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Where have I been?

Cadden and Lee face masks

So as you may have noticed I’ve been a little absent from here. I actually haven’t posted anything since before my birthday which was at the beginning of November!

I wish I could say its because I’ve just been too busy. Thats partly it but I’ve also been extremely tired and unmotivated to write anything. With working full time, being ill on and off and trying to have a social life has been extremely difficult and I’ve needed a break from blogging.

Honestly I’m still struggling. But I’m going to try and get back into the swing of writing as this is a huge passion of mine.

Obviously theres been a lot going on in my life in the last 2 months.  I’m going to do a quick breakdown of whats been going on and what posts you should expect to see very soon.

What have I done in 2/3 months?

  1. Sheffield Steelers vs Manchester StormI obviously turned 22. This wasn’t exactly fun but when is getting older fun anyway?
  2. Me and my family went to quite a few ice hockey games. This made me find my passion for hockey again, and I will be going to more games hopefully this year
  3. I bought even more makeup… oops but I will post about the majority of these when I get chance
  4. I was gifted a few different things, a few I have posted about on Instagram but I also want to share them on here. so I was gifted from face masks from Cadden & Lee as they are a brand new company and were recently launching. I’ve also recently been sent some makeup from Wonderland Makeup.
  5. At the end of November i gave blood again, and quickly found out that I shouldn’t because I have low Vitamin B12 and it sends me dizzy and pass out but I will do another post about this. If its your first time giving blood please read my first post to know what to expect, find that here.
  6. In December I took part in my first ever Bloggers Secret Santa, I will post about the process and what I was sent,
  7. Over a couple of weeks I caught up with my old best friends and had a few girly nights and a few nights out since then.
  8. On mad Friday instead of going out like everyone else, i babysat for my work colleague/friend, baring in mind I’m not normally a kids person!Cadden and Lee face masks
  9. In December I passed my theory test first time! I may do a post about this but I’m not sure if anyone would really be interested?

Is that it?

It may not seem like a lot but for me its been very busy and very hectic. But I feel like now I have some of the motivation back and I will keep posting about different bits. so obviously my makeup obsession has increased so I will do some reviews, I also need to finish off my travel diaries series as I’ve not done that yet. oops!

I would like to know what you would like to read though. Which of my posts do you like the most?

Until next time



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