My Travel Bucket List

I absolutely love travelling, but I just can never afford to go to different places. It doesn’t really help that my family holidays are normally just to France as my mum isn’t a fan of flying so we always just go in the car. But I decided to share with you my travel bucket list.

Obviously there are loads more places that I actually want to go to but I am going to limit it down.

So I decided to just list everywhere, obviously theres a few places in Asia that I want to go to, but when I was younger I was never interested but I think my university trip to China has made me want to explore more.

This list is mainly my “out there” bucket list, except for Dublin of course. The rest are places I would definitely have to save up quite a bit and plan out as much as I can to make the most of a trip.

I would love to go to all of these places plus more in my life but it would take a lot of planning, has anyone else explore so many different places? I would love to hear your stories and where you’ve been.

My Travel Bucket List

Guangzhou, China
Tokyo, Japan
Shanghai, China
Beijing, China
Hong Kong
New York, USA
Los Angeles, USA
Nashville, Tennesse
Miami, USA
Berlin, Germany
Dublin, Ireland
Honolulu, Hawaii
Cape Town, South Africa
Paris, France
Iceland (everywhere)

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