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The Botanist Sheffield Birthday Party | Blogtober Day 31

First of all we need to celebrate as its the last day of blogtober and I have managed to blog every single day. Go me. I’m sorry if you thought any posts were boring but I would love to know your opinions on my latest posts!

So you may have seen on my Instagram, last Tuesday (24th) I was invited to The Botanist in Sheffields 1st birthday party. I could bring a +1 so of course I asked my mum. she was always jealous about the events I went to at university so it was lovely to take her along with me.

What to wear?

I was of course at work all day so I had to plan my outfit to be suitable for work but also to go out in. I ended up wearing the black jumpsuit I picked up for my graduation, this is super comfy but also looks formal but casual. I paired this with my denim jacket (from Tesco!) to make this more casual.I obviously also had to take along my makeup to top up on the train as I couldn’t really go to work all glammed up.

The Event

Anyway, on to the event. I love the location of The Botanist in Sheffield as it’s surrounded by so many other food places so you can have a proper foodie or cocktail day!

Obviously this post is all about The Botanist though, on arrival I’m not sure who greeted us but she was so friendly and explained how the night was going to run. It was definitely exciting and we were given 3 ‘lollipop’ sticks, 1 which had a black line across meaning you could pick a free cocktail and then 1 which was blank and one had the botanist logo on. The last 2 meant you could get a free glass of wine, a beer or a spirit and mixer.


Is it bad that i cant exactly remember what i went for? There was just so much choice. Like literally a full menu of drinks. Perfect but so hard to pick!

If I remember correctly (by looking at their menu) i went for the Blueberry & Passion Fruit Martini.This is described as ‘Fresh blueberries, lemon juice, passion fruit syrup and liqueur with a burst of Brockmans blueberry-infused gin, finished with a touch of vanilla liqueur. Delightfully fresh.’

This was absolutely gorgeous, very sweet but i do have a sweet tooth! I would definitetly recommend this to a fellow sweet tooth and gin lover. My mum went for the Strawberry And Elderflower Bellini which is described as ‘A delicate blend of strawberry and elderflower, lengthened with Prosecco.’ i did taste this and it was really nice, this would be one of those i would have again and again and end up extremely drunk. But as a one off i can allow that.

The next drinks we had we had the same both times, so i went for a gin and lemonade, im not too sure which gin they used so i am on the lookout in supermarkets to see if i can spot it. My mum had a dry white wine which she said was lovely, shes not exactly fussy with what she has so long as its dry but she said she would definitely go there again for that wine.

Food Time

So drinks being drunk, there was also a few canapes. The only downside to this, i would personally say, is i wouldn’t have said they were canapes and for how many people were at this event not everyone got food. Saying that, my table were given majority of the food (sorry everyone else!) so i can say the food was divine and i would 100% go back there and maybe even take my dad to try it out.

The food we tried out were:

  • Pork Crackling with chilli, spring onion and sweet apple sauce
  • Cumberland And  Pork Chipolatas with honey grain mustard
  • Salt And Pepper Onion Petals with crème fraîche
  • Homemade Scotch Egg with piccalilli
  • Properly Seasoned Chips
  • Sweet Potato Fries with Piri Piri salt
  • Salt And Pepper Pork Hanging Kebab

I have got to say all of this was gorgeous, I didn’t end up trying the scotch egg as it looked a bit runny and I didn’t trust it with my stomach. However, my mum said it was amazing and just how a scotch egg should be made. The pork crackling was incredible as well, just perfectly made. Also, I’m not normally a massive fan of sausages but these were incredible, I couldn’t stop picking at them!

The only downside I would say was the hanging kebab was quite fatty and slimy which with my stomach isn’t the best option to have but it did taste insanely amazing.



I would definitely recommend visiting to The Botanist in Sheffield, the staff were amazing as well. They answered any questions and didn’t mind how long you took to decide which cocktail you wanted! I didn’t get to explore the whole venue (trains and all that rubbish) but they have another part of the restaurant which according to other bloggers is gorgeous and you can even book this cute like den thing for dates, which is even better. Its as if The Botanist has thought of everything.

If you’re on a budget, then this may not be your type of place as the price definitely does reflect the service, quality of food and drinks, as well as the actual venue.

Have you visited The Botanist lately? What was your opinion? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time



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  1. This looks like a great night! Also, congrats on successfully completing Blogtober. Metamporical hat off to you as that is no mean feat. Congrats x

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