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Travel Diaries: Day 8 | Blogtober Day 29

So day 8 in my travel diaries was a trip to Eymet, this was a small town just near where we were staying.  I really wanted to visit here because I had noticed in one of the leaflets at the house that they had a photograph exhibition on.

Obviously as I have recently fallen in love with photography, this was something I really wanted to visit. My parents weren’t that interested because it wasn’t photography they were expecting, there were some prints they liked but the majority was them just waiting for me to be done.

The French like to show off their exhibitions above the office of tourism, which means they tend to be smaller exhibitions compared to in bigger cities where they have museums full of exhibitions.

I really liked this exhibition because it was full of local photographers and their work, which it is always great to see. I loved how different and unique all of the photographers were in the exhibition. I did think that this exhibition may be full of similar styles, so I was pleasantly surprised when I realised it was all different.

Not only did we go into Eymet for the exhibition, but we also went on market day. I would definitely recommend going on market day as there were so many different stalls compared to the usual market stalls. They had quite a few quirky stands with jewellery which made them stand out more to me.

Something I loved at this market, was there was an Englishman selling homemade cakes and goodies, which of course I needed to try. I picked up a carrot cake, because thats my ultimate fave, and it was definitely amazing.

I definitely recommend people going and exploring the small markets because you may find an amazing little treat that you wouldn’t expect. Many of the markets have food stalls which are always great to see what the French are eating, many of them I walk straight away from because its not something that appeals to me but I can understand why others would enjoy it.

As well as heading out to the market and the exhibition, we also got to spend the day picking up some bits from the supermarket and chilling around the pool.

I hope you’re enjoying my travel diaries and keep up to date with the next posts, the next one is my outfit post for day 8!

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