22 things I learnt before my 22nd | Blogtober Day 28

So in under 2 weeks I will be turning 22 and I thought it would be a good time to post a little about what I’ve learnt before then. There has been so many different things you learn from in circumstances especially with moving to university and going through breakups.

  1. your relationship with your parents will improve as you grow up and move away
  2. moving away from home doesn’t have to be so hard
  3. don’t lose sight of your old friends
  4. your university friends could soon become like your family
  5. when the opticians say wear your glasses every day, wear them everyday
  6. don’t turn down the best opportunities for a boy
  7. find a new sport to fall in love with, watching or playing, it could become a big part of your life
  8. don’t worry about peoples opinions
  9. use your overdraft for important things (internships) not shopping
  10. try and get as much experience as possible in the industry you want to go into
  11. explore as many industries as you can
  12. say yes when your parents invite you on holiday (normally ends up being cheaper)
  13. don’t spend all your wages in expensive shops, shop around for a cheaper deal
  14. the boy you met at 18 may not be the boy you’re with at 20
  15. the best friends you met at secondary school, could be the friends you need when you leave university
  16. don’t be afraid to ask for help
  17. work as hard as you can, but allow yourself time to relax
  18. move in with strangers. it can be the best decision, also the worst but you can learn from that
  19. spend as much time with your family as possible, one day you won’t see them as often
  20. stop worrying about if a boy likes you or not, its not worth it
  21. cut out the people who are toxic to your life
  22. try and find something good in every day

these are just a few things I have learnt, what have you learnt in your life? It’s great to hear what everyone else has learnt!

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