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Birthday and Christmas Wish List | Blogtober Day 26

As my birthday and Christmas are approaching I had to have a look through different sites to see what I wanted for these events. I mean would I even be a blogger if I didn’t do that? But seeing as this year I’m getting back into my blogging I thought I would actually share with you some of the things I’m needing in my life this year.

The majority of the things I’m wanting are products I’ve seen throughout the year and wanted them. But just couldn’t afford them so I’ve just always popped them onto my list for this time of the year. I always end up creating a list and then sending it to family in hopes that they shop from it!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture palette

First product, is the highly reviewed for controversial purposes is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture palette.

I’ve wanted this even though I’ve heard bad reviews purely because I bought the Modern Renaissance palette last Christmas for myself. I absolutely love it, so I am hoping that some people did just receive the bad batch of the product.

Too Faced

Next on my list is the Too Faced La Creme in Unicorn Tears. This is a product I have actually wanted for months, I love it so much. I’ve never had one of these products though so I don’t know if they are as amazing as I hope they are. But I have heard good things. Has anyone tried this? Is it worth being on my list? Another one on my list is the peach eyeshadow palette, however I know my mum has picked that up for me.

Urban Decay

Of course the next time item is the Naked Heat palette. Initially I wasn’t that fussed as I do have various palettes similar. But I do like how all the colours are together so I wouldn’t have to carry around numerous palettes. As I could create quite a few looks with this one palette.


The next product I need is the Liquid facial soap by Clinique, I bought this as a minture at duty free and I love it so I just need to repurchase it but I just haven’t been able to! I do really like this as it does make my skin feel really clean and hydrated.


To go with the facial soap, I also need to repurchase the Clarifying Lotion 3. Again, I bought this is a miniature at duty free, I’ve still got some of this left but I always minimise using it as I don’t want to run out!

Kat Von D


This is a product that I’ve been on and off with wanting for quite a while, the Shade + Light’ glimmer eye shadow palette. But this year is the year where I actually do want to try it out and see if I actually like it. I do like Kat Von D products, so I think this would be a product I would really get on with. Plus the packaging is so cute.

To go with the Shade + Light glimmer eye shadow palette, I also really want to try out the Shade + Light Face contour palette. I do love a good contour palette as you can tell from my post about which is best, check that out here. So I do really want to try this out and see how it compares to my Anastasia contour palette.

Charlotte Tilbury

Another thing I really want to try out is the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow. I mean just looking at it it is gorgeous and I’ve always wanted to see if this lives up to the reviews or not.It is a little bit more expensive than what I would want to spend on something like this, however Charlotte Tilbury products are amazing so its okay.



As I do really like Charlotte Tilbury but I have never actually bought one of her lipsticks, that had to change and be added to my Wishlist.There are two that I really want to try out

and that is the Matte Revolution in Glastonberry and the K.I.S.S.I.NG in Bitch Perfect. These shades look gorgeous and I would love to try these

out and see if they are as great as her other products.

The Ordinary

After trying out The Ordinary foundation (this will be posted about soon) I just had to add the High Spreadability Primer. After hearing reviews about this product is obviously had to be added to this list. I always thought The Ordinary would be quite an expensive brand due to always hearing amazing things but its actually such a good price.


On my trip to London, I picked up a little treat from Pixi (this will be posted about at some point) but since then I have been obsessed with the brand and just to want to try out everything! So from this brand I am currently wanting the Glow Tonic, Double Cleanse and Beauty Sleep Cream.
These products have had amazing reviews, which is

obviously why I

want to try them but I’m hoping they are as great as what everyone else says.

The only downside is that they aren’t the cheapest but hopefully theyre as good for the price.

Skinnydip London

The next set of products are all from Skinnydip London. I absolutely love this brand and their products. I did have more on this Wishlist but I actually ended up buying them myself, I just couldn’t keep away. I will post a Skinnydip haul at some point. However, they aren’t the cheapest but they are amazing and they have so many different styles depending on the style you have and what you’re looking for. 

I’ve seen so many bags in there that I really want, these are:

Jewelled Shell Cross Body Bag 
Emotional Baggage Mini Tote
Ship Faced Cross Body Bag
Secretly Smashed Cross Body Bag
Ariel Tote

I absolutely love all of these because of how different each are but also how quirky they are. I think these would definitely make my outfits a bit more unique.

Another thing I really want from Skinnydip are these Take Note Bitches Pen set, this is just because of how fun and accurate they are for me!

Flamingo London

The final product in my Wishlist is the Marble pattern matte hard case for Apple MacBook from Flamingo London. I’ve been wanting a case like this for my Mac for quite a while but I just haven’t been able to find

one that I really liked, until I came across this one! If you are wanting anything from Flamingo London use my code “KIRSTY20” for 20% off!

There are many other things I really want at the minute but these are the top ones and have made it to my Wishlist for my birthday and Christmas.


Whats on your Wishlist this year?

Until next time



  1. I love the Too Faced lippies, they are so good! And I’m with you, I want all the things from Charlotte Tilbury; her packaging is so dreamy and chic! Fingers crossed you get some of these goodies in the coming months! xo

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