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Travel Diaries: Day 7 | Blogtober Day 24

So Day 7 was a day trip to one of my favourite places; Bergerac. This is a place we go practically every year. Theres not really much there but still. The main reason I like to go is Sephora. I mean who wouldn’t go somewhere that has a Sephora?! I have previously been to Bergerac before and wrote about it on this post from 2 years ago.

What is in Bergerac?

A great thing about Beregerac is the opportunity to explore their market, as they do actually have quite a large market and it spreads around the church. the day we went around Bergerac was the day of a great market, which is a Wednesday so if you’re going around that area make sure you head to the market on that day. The good thing is that there is plenty of parking as well. Obviously with the French, the markets do start really early so you need to make sure you head there at a good time.

Another thing which stands out to me, is they have a boat trip on the river. The first year we went to Bergerac we didn’t even notice this as you have to head all the way past the shops down side roads and theres one hut selling tickets for the boat trips. The trips run every hour so you can always book to go on a certain one and then go shopping and head back, but if you’re waiting to go on one of the trips there is bails of hay to sit on and wait till the next trip.
The trip doesn’t last that long, which we found was quite disappointing but it is quite fun and you do see a few things you wouldn’t normally see. Plus its quite instagrammable, always a bonus right?

Another reason we tend to go to Bergerac is the shops. Its not a massive place but there are quite a few shops which means you can really make a day out of it. We tend to go to the market first and then have a walk around the shops.

Shopping in Bergerac

The main shops I like in Bergerac are,

There are also many small independent stores, even though the main ones I like are quite well known brands, I do love exploring the smaller shops. The great thing about KIKO in France though is it is so much cheaper than in England so I do like to pick up a few things from here.

What else can I do in Bergerac?

Not only is there shopping and the markets, but theres also normally a new event going off in the office of tourism as well as the museums. I like to wander around seeing the new things they have on and taking images to capture it all. My mum and dad are probably always thinking “why is she taking a photo of that?!” but there is normally some strange but great things to see around there. I have also included a few of the photos I took so you can see some of the great things that I love in Bergerac.

Also don’t forget about the food stalls, especially on market days, there is plenty of different food to try out!

Hope you enjoyed Day 7 of my travel diaries, the next post will be my outfit for day 7!

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