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Travel Diaries: Day 6 Outfit | Blogtober Day 22

So day 6, you’ve seen the post about all about the day and the silly mistake we made about not realising it was a bank holiday. So here is my Travel Diaries: Day 6 Outfit.

The great thing about our mistake was I got to take some good outfit photos. It does feel strange having my picture taken as for years I would never allow it, I hated it. I hated being in front of the camera except for when I would take the photo myself.

I really like this outfit because its so summery but can also be adapted when the weather starts to get cold.

Dress: Tesco, I can’t remember just how much this was, but it was a recent buy!
Shoes: Primark, I bought these a few years ago so I can’t remember how much they were!
Bag: Peacocks, £7 this was a bargain find in the sale
Jacket: Tesco, I have a love for denim jackets at the minute and this was in the sale for £10!

See the below images for my outfit!

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