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Travel Diaries: Day 6 | Blogtober Day 21

Day 6 mainly consisted of running out to the shop to get some bits in and having a pool day, we were supposed to be going out to a market until we found out that it was actually a bank holiday.

After years of going to France, how did we not know that the 15th is a bank holiday? Its the Assumption of Mary, which I believe is the day that Mary died. But I’m not 100% on whether thats the belief or not.

What we also didn’t realise was that every thing would be shut, there was a few supermarkets open which meant running out as quick as possible to get some food in as we didn’t have enough in!

We also heard that on this day there would be celebrations in some of the villages, we had been to night markets before so we assumed it would be the same so later in the evening we had another run out but we couldn’t find anything. We think it might have been one of those events where you had to book it, kind of like at New Years when you have to book for certain events. However, we did find a chip van at Duras which had the nicest chips, and I of course got a few outfit photos which will be in my next post.

When we went for our food shop, we actually went to a town called Pineuilh, this is a town which had quite a few big supermarkets and surrounding shops. On arrival, we noticed that there were quite a few fire engines and crisis teams, we think one of the surrounding stores had caught on fire in the upstairs section as they were all connected together and one of the metal casing on the door had been cut open.

It’s always interesting to see how other countries react and respond to these types of things.

Even so, this supermarket and surrounding shops were a great place to go to see different things and try out a few bits. I think one of the things in the Supermarkets is that some are great and stock a lot of stuff but then there are smaller ones which don’t stock as much. It is similar to England where you have smaller stores but it is difficult to figure out which ones are the best on arrival but I would recommend this store as it has literally everything you need.

There were a few days where we didn’t want a full BBQ as it can get boring after a while, so we had Croque Monsieurs, which I absolutely love! They’re basically ham and cheese toasties but France definitely know how to make them.

The next post will be all about my outfit when we nipped out to what we thought was a night market!

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