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REVIEW: KIKO Milano Metal and Creamy Lipsticks | Blogtober Day 16

I’ve been buying Kiko products for a while now and I’ve never actually reviewed them, so why not start now? I bought these two lipsticks whilst I was on holiday so you may actually see them at a later date in my Travel Diaries.

DSCF3615 editI love picking up products when in France, especially from Kiko as it works out cheaper to buy them over there than it is here. I actually managed to get these two lipsticks for under £6. Not bad when they’re good lipsticks and beautiful shades.

The lipsticks I ended up purchasing were:
Metal Lipstick in Shade 12 Forest Green
Creamy Lipstick in Shade 05 Amaranth Red

I did buy these separately but I am in love with them. Obviously the creamy lipstick is creamy and goes on effortlessly and lasts all day. However, I thought the metal one may be sticky and not go on as smoothly but it definitely proved me wrong.

I love how pigmented these products are, I wasn’t sure if they were going to maintain the colour they show off but I am 100% pleased with this purchase.

IMG_4668 copy

I think the only downside I have found is that I am struggling to create a makeup look where the metal green lipstick is the main focus. Has anyone else struggled with that problem before? Maybe a nude look would work with this lipstick.

A great positive about these lipsticks is that they last all day for me, normally I would have to top up my lipstick after drinking or eating or just naturally wearing away but these were perfect for me. I still carried them around with me because you just never know!

I would recommend these to anyone who’s wanting to try out a new lipstick, especially as at the minute Kiko have got a few good deals on!

Have you tried any of Kiko’s lipsticks? What did you think?

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