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REVIEW: Primark Face Masks | Blogtober Day 12

If you’ve been into Primark lately and headed over to the beauty section, you will have seen quite a variety of character sheet masks. Obviously, me being me I just had to try one out and review it on here. Any excuse to try out a new product!

As I was shopping with my mum and we were having a giggle over these, she wanted to try one as well. I joked and said why not get the crown one? So she obviously had to after that, I currently love unicorns (who doesn’t?) so when I saw the unicorn character sheet I needed it.

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting a great deal from these masks, they are a bit more than I would normally spend on a mask as I tend to get them on offer from Superdrug so they work out at about £1 a sheet or I’ve seen great sheet masks in T K Maxx which do cost more.

And obviously, this was a Primark mask so I wasn’t expecting it to be great, just because even though Primark does have great products, you just never know.

I did buy these at the beginning of August so please excuse how slow and late I am at getting these posts up! I ended up using this the day I was going on holiday as I always like to treat my skin to a face mask before I go away.

The mask I tried was the unicorn one, this says its for illuminating, however I don’t think it really illuminated my skin. It was a lot better than I ever thought it would be though, the mask was very wet with a lot of serum to soak into your skin.

This definitely moistened my skin and left it feeling very soft but in terms of what it should have done. I was fairly disappointed in that, but I did buy it thinking it was going to be rubbish so not too bad overall.

I’m not sure on whether my mums is any good as she hasn’t tried it out yet, however when she does i’ll update you and let you know what she thinks to it!

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