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REVIEW: Clinique Great Skin Starts Here | Blogtober Day 11

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So you may have seen in my Travel Diaires: Day 2 that I purchased the Clinique “GREAT SKIN STARTS HERE – CL III/IV SET” and obviously I purchased this at the beginning of my holiday which clearly meant I got two weeks of trying out these products and seeing if they were worth purchasing when I get home.

Obviously as you can tell, the liquid facial soap got a lot of use! I really like this soap because its not harsh on your skin and a tiny bit goes a very long way. It doesn’t lather up that much like I expected it to, however it definitely makes your skin feel very clean. I have the oily skin formula as my skin can feel very oily and greasy after a while, especially when I’ve been swimming so this was a godsend in France!

DSCF3511 editI liked to use this once a day, just after I had been in the pool meaning my skin felt the cleanest, I then followed this up with the clarifying lotion 3. I liked this lotion even though the smell reminded me of nail varnish remover. As you can tell from my images, you don’t need to use a lot for this as it does go a very long way. To apply this, I used a cotton wipe to make sure it all spread evenly across my face.

My skin did feel clearer even if it didn’t smell so great.

The next product in this set was the full size Dramatically different moisturising gel. I love that you get a full sized one of these, as this is definitely my favourite product in the whole set!
With that name, I wouldn’t have expected it to actually be “dramatically different” however, from the first time using it I could instantly tell this moisturiser would be entirely different to others.
DSCF3513 editWith a pump lid, I love how easy this is to apply, normally I feel gross having to use a tubbed moisturiser as I am constantly cleaning my hands so as to not get germs in the tub! I have used this every day for the last two weeks and even though my skin is awful (I have no idea why) this has been amazing!
My skin definitely feels smoother and to be honest dramatically different!

Once my travel sizes run out, I will definitely be purchasing from boots especially as they are cheaper in England than they were in France, but I think I may wait until there are offers on to save me some money!

Have you tried any Clinique products lately? Whats your verdict?

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