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Baking with Dr. Oetker | Blogtober Day 8

*Disclaimer: I was sent these by a PR company for review purposes but all opinions are my own*


So a couple of weeks ago I was contacted by Jadie from the Dr. Oetker baking press office, I was definitely very excited about this as I absolutely love baking but I just never have the time to bake.

When Jadie said she would send me out the latest product from Dr. Oetker I was so excited.

The newest products are bake in a box, so its so easy and simple to do. I also found it was no mess and no fuss. Which to me is probably the most important thing, cause normally when I’m baking I make sure a mess and then my parents complain about the mess.

The bake in a box products, come in 3 different flavours:

Double Chocolate
Lemon and poppy seed
Banana and chocolate chip

I obviously had to try out the double chocolate one first, this is the one my dad was more likely going to enjoy as he doesn’t really like banana or lemon flavoured products.

I definitely love how quick and easy it was to bake with this as it also means you don’t need to buy in all of the ingredients. all you need is milk. If you don’t have milk, I’m sure you could add in an alternative, but I’m not 100% sure it would be trial and error to be honest.

In total, my bake in a box took around 50 minutes. The instructions are to mix the milk into the box, with a fork mixing until the product is smooth.

Placeinto the middle of a pre-heated oven and bake for 10 minutes. Once the 10 minutes is up, use a knife to cut a 1 inch gap through the middle of the cake, then pop it back into the oven for 25-30 minutes. I left mine in a little bit longer just until I placed a knife through and it came out clean. This only took an extra 5-10 minutes.

So all in all a very quick and easy way to make cake, without all the fuss and extra ingredients.

If you’re wanting to have something a little bit different, I think these are great. The time you would have spent preparing everything can now go towards decorating! With halloween coming up and Bake Off being on, what more do you need?

As well as the bake in a box products, I was also sent over some amazing goodies so I could decorate the cake as well!

I’m not a big decorator, I usually just whack different things on and see how it turns out, as I have a sweet tooth I just normally make it as sweet as possible for me.

However, when I baked my double chocolate one, I decided to share this with my family who aren’t as sweet toothed as me, so I didn’t go over the top with this decoration.

I was kindly sent over so many different decorating goodies, but for the double chocolate cake I teamed it with the pretty pink cupcake icing (its pink and tastes amazing, perfection for me) and a couple chocolate hearts.

This was for me, my mum and dad, so obviously didn’t want to overdo it. But I can 100% say this tasted amazing. I’m not normally a chocolate cake person. Im not sure why as I love cake and I love chocolate but just not combined. However, this was incredible. it was super moist and light. I kind of expected it to be a little dry as youre not over whisking or anything, you are simply stirring in milk but it definitely exceeded my exceptions.

This is a cake mix I would definitely go out and buy again, these retail at £2.50, which I think is amazing. I would normally spend that on the little boxes of cake mixes where you don’t really get much and theres no flavour so this is a must for a cake lover!

I am very excited to try out the lemon and poppy seed as this is my favourite type of cake, but my dad hates those types of flavours. But I am also excited to try banana and chocolate chip as I would never normally go for that flavour but I can imagine it being filled with lots of flavour.

I will let you know what I think to the other flavours and how I decorate them!

until next time



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