First Impressions: Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look In A Palette

So I have been eyeing up the Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look In A Palette for quite a while now so when I saw it was in the sale, I just had to get it! This palette is normally £49 and I managed to get it for £29.40. Which to be honest is amazing and I actually had to keep checking to see if this was real or not as it was only available on the official Charlotte Tilbury site but not on any other sites such as Cult Beauty.

There are three different palettes, natural beauty, seductive beauty and beauty glow. I actually ended up placing all these in my basket and spent quite a few days trying to decide which one I actually wanted as even though they were reduced I couldn’t justify purchasing more than one.

I eventually ended up choosing natural beauty as I thought this would be more of use, as the others had shades that I wouldn’t necessarily use as I had other products that were similar.

A great little surprise with Charlotte Tilbury orders are the samples you receive withyour order. I was only expecting 2 as that it was what I had clicked, I chose the overnight bronze & glow mask as well as a pocket kiss. However, when my order arrived I had actually received quite a variety of the pocket kisses.

The shades I received were:
Amazing Grace
Red Carpet Red
Nude Kate
Bitch Perfect x 2
Very Victoria
So MarilynKim K.W x 2
Miranda May

I find these little samples so strange as I think its a little difficult to actually try them properly like you would with a real lipstick, however it is also great so you can actually see whether you like the shades before you purchase one as they aren’t that cheap, at £24 each you definitely want to try them out first before splurging.

Obviously it was different to buying the palette, as I had seen so many other bloggers who had purchased this and loved it so I thought why not try it whilst its on sale?

This palette is so photogenic that I didn’t want to use it! I thought I would ruin it by using it, I know how stupid that sounds but still, look at it!

I did end up using this for the first time when I was going out shopping with my mum, I wanted a very subtle look as my face has tanned quite a bit so I didn’t want to be piling the makeup on. I definitely think this is a great palette as it does contain everything that you may need for a subtle natural look.

I didn’t need to use the blusher as I have fairly red cheeks as it is but the bronzer is the perfect shade for me as I tend to use this for contouring , I did feel like I needed to blend this out and brush it on in circular motions so it didn’t all stay in one place, maybe this is because my face was dry after my moisturiser? As normally I would contour after applying foundation so it would be easy to correct mistakes.

I think the highlight in this is great as it is a very natural colour and not too in your face like some highlighters. I do love some of the brighter and colourful highlighters but on days when I’m wanting a very minimal look, this will definitely be my go to.

I think a downside to this palette is that the eyeshades are quite similar so its not easy to create a dramatic look unless you were to use a lot of the powder. Normally for my eyeshadow looks I would normally use around 8 shades so this does help me cut back especially if I was limited on how many products I could carry around with me.

Overall I would 100% recommend this palette and I wish I had purchased this sooner!

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