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The Big Day: Graduation

So trying to explain Graduation to anyone is fairly complicated as it literally goes in such a flash. For me to explain it I’m going to go by hours as its the only way I can really remember with a few random times, I will also include a slideshow at the bottom of loads of different photos from the day. I won’t go into detail about the ceremony, as that was the longest thing of my life, I think it lasted just over 2 hours.

5:30 – Wake up, quick shower
6:00 – begin makeup
7:00 – sort hair out
7:45 – have breakfast
8:00 – get dressed
8:15 – leave hotel
8:30 – register and get gowned up
8:45 – official photography (Pre-booked)
9:00 – photography with family, photos of me gowned up, meeting friends
9:30 – rest of family turned up, headed into main hall for more photos and to get ready for the ceremony
10:30 – beginning of ceremony
11:00 – I had officially graduated
12:00 – end of ceremony, beginning of celebrations

I’m going to leave the little diary at that because after that it was mainly more photos, food, and then we travelled back home. A big thing I would say about graduation is make sure you all have a lot of battery on your phones, luckily I had my phone, mum, dad, brother and brothers girlfriend so I knew I would have a lot of photos.

Also, if your university offers you the option to book a studio for your official photography, book one. As I saw so many people queuing and actually missing out on these photos because there wasn’t enough time for them. Even though I had these photos, my Students’ Union also offered unofficial photos at a much cheaper rate which I had a photo of just me and then a photo of the whole family, we ended up having a digital download of these instead of a printed image as it meant all 5 of us could have the images.

I also feel like my graduation day I spent a lot more time with family than I thought, I didn’t spend a great deal with my friends which is something that I do think about so definitely try and plan out slightly what your day is going to be like as it does go by very fast. I was in the car on the way home like “did I really just graduate?”

The funniest thing about my graduation day would be the fact that I was wearing my Fitbit which of course tracks my heartbeat, so as we were all sat waiting for us to walk across the stage it was a way to keep us laughing and not stressing with just how high my heart rate was. Just over 150 beats btw.

But I am going to stop boring you with those details and show you some of the photos from the day. Let me know what you think!

Have you recently graduated or going to be graduating soon? let me know!

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