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Obviously I love glitter, I mean who doesn’t? But you may have seen I actually used this for my graduation makeup look, so I thought why not actually give it its own post so you can actually get an opinion on this product.

This is a potted glitter so I would recommend having something on your dressing table so you don’t get this everywhere, I definitely learnt this the hard way! This does have two lids, the official lid and one which has a few holes in so you can sprinkle out some of the glitter, however for the look I wanted a few sprinkles weren’t going to cut it. I went for the colour red as a lot of my accessories and part of my graduation gown was red.

I feel to maximise the usage from this glitter, you need a wet brush as otherwise it will definitely just go everywhere. I have heard people using eyelash glue and various glitter glues however I wanted a subtle and not too glittery look so I did just wet my brush.I loved how compact this glitter actually is, I felt like I used so much but in reality I hardly used any. A great thing was how a little bit of the glitter definitely went a long way and I actually used this over my winged liner and a teeny tiny bit on my eyebrows, because hello glitter?

I actually kept forgetting I had glitter on my face until people would comment, whereas normally little things like glitter would irritate me.

This glitter lasted all day and didn’t slide anywhere, despite only using a wet brush to keep it in place! If anyone was looking for a small glitter to use, I would 100% recommend this product, especially as NYX definitely have quite a few in this range! At just £5.50 each, I would definitely say the NYX Face and Body Glitter Brilliants is a good purchase.

Have you tried any NYX products lately? What were your opinions on them?

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