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REWIEW: Smashbox

I have loved smash box products for quite a while, however I always went for the minis as they were on offer. However, I decided that just before gradation I was going to treat myself to the Photo Finish Foundation Primer and the Photo Finish Lash Primer. I have tried this before but I never got round to writing a review on them so now I finally have the larger versions I am going to tell you what I think about these.

Starting with the Photo Finish Foundation Primer I purchased this from boots with my boots points (they do come in very handy when you’re skint). I absolutely love using this product as it feels like I’ve smoothen my face out and made it all equal to put my foundation on top. I know it doesn’t do that but it always makes my face feel equal and soft without blemishes, I know when I look in the mirror they are still there but I like how it gives that feeling.

I feel with this primer, you don’t need to apply too much, a little goes a very long way! The initial feeling of the primer is quite strange as it instantly goes dry when applying, so sometimes it feels like you’re not applying enough but it definitely is enough. I tend to use this every day I wear makeup, I know I probably shouldn’t because it is expensive but I still have some of my miniature left. I feel this does actually help my foundation go on a lot smoother and evens out that layer, meaning I don’t have any patches left, which sometimes I can get with some of my foundations.

I would 100% recommend this primer to anyone who wants to find one that isn’t going to wipe off after a couple of hours or not even keep your makeup on. I also find that the women who work on the smash box stands are absolutely lovely, I always feel I can ask them random questions about the products and to find out if they would actually work for my skin or not. They also tell you about the latest deals they have on, which is why I have always gone for the minis as they sell them to me so easily.

The next product is the Photo Finish Lash Primer , I absolutely love this product. I use this practically every day as it conditions my lashes. My lashes used to be non-existent so to find a product which conditions and lifts them is like gold. The first time trying this was so strange going from short lashes to having long ones with white tint on them just completely threw me.

I like to leave it on my lashes for a few minutes for it to condition before placing my other mascaras on time, meaning it should actually condition them and not just be a basic primer. I feel this is going to be a constant product in my makeup storage because of how amazing it is. When I’m having a more natural look day, I like to use this just to lift my lashes to make them stand out without actual applying mascara.

The great thing about Smashbox though is the fact it is cruelty free and with a lot of makeup brands at the minute, this is a huge deal.

What have you tried from Smashbox? Whats your opinion?

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  1. I bloody love that primer! I have a sample size which I use on special occasions, but I’ve used it at least three times now and there’s still loads left!,,

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