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REVIEW: Indy Luxe Rainbow Brushes

IMG_3012When Indy Luxe first released their first ever brushes I instantly fell in love. I mean have you seen the amazing brushes they have created?! So I obviously jumped at the chance to be a part of their brush squad and find out about their latest releases before anyone else.

Unfortunately, every time they released a new set, I was always too poor to be able to afford any which is obviously gutting for me as I love new makeup brushes.

Luck was on my side with the release of the rainbow brushes . I had just been paid and had found out my degree grade which of course meant I had to treat myself to some new amazing products.

When these gorgeous brushes arrived, I instantly fell in love even more. It’s not just the colours of the brushes which stood out. The softness of them as well is incredible. I love using them as they are so soft and I can easily apply my makeup with them.

I feel like Indy Luxe’s brushes are so gorgeous and I only allow myself to use them on special occasions as I don’t want to ruin them! Does anyone else feel like that about makeup brushes?

I think one of the great things about this brand is how cute the packaging was. With the brushes coming wrapped up in a gold bubble wrapped packaging meaning you knew they were arriving very safely. Which is always a makeup lovers worry!


I definitely want to get my hands on more of their brushes as I do love them, but I need to think about which ones I will use the most as I do have quite a few now…oops.

Also, if you do decide to pick them up use my code HIITSKIRSTY20 to get 20% off your order! This is an affiliate code just so you know but again, you’ll get 20% off so saving money is always a positive.

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  1. Oh I don’t half love new make up brushes! But I’ve just had some from BH cosmetics so I will have to hold off for now. But these are now on my list 😍

    Lovely post! Thank uuuuu

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