Exhibition Night

On the 9th June (the day after my dads birthday) was the big show night, where everyone from the creative courses showed off their work. This was a big deal to me as during my three years of university, my parents didn’t really get to see or understand what it was I was actually doing. Yeah I know thats strange but they supported me regardless of what I was doing.

This meant, they had to travel to Preston with me just for a few hours, they actually booked the whole day off which meant I could sleep in for a few more hours than I would normally. We all travelled up together as I was staying in Preston for an extra week to man the stands and moving the last of my stuff out of the flat, them coming up came in very handy as it meant we had about 3 trips moving my stuff out. Yes I actually had that much stuff, I still have no idea how I had all of that!

If anyone of you does a creative course, you will know the exhibition opening night is a big deal, its just under graduation and everyone comes together to celebrate all of your hard work. This is the night that you can be proud of everything you have accomplished, and for me it was even better as this was the year I had struggled the most. So to show my parents that I had come through the other end and produced work that I was actually proud of is great.

This post is going to consist of a few photos from that night, mainly of how my department had decorated the building as I thought it was so cute and linked in with our work but also a few photos of me and my mum, alongside some photos with friends. This was such a great night as I got to celebrate with my friends and family.

I also found so many creative people during this night that I didn’t even know were in the same building as me! If you can attend one of these nights or week long event at your local university, you definitely should. Within my building, there were people creating complex digital games with VR, but also passionate art pieces. These were things I would have normally missed as I wouldn’t have wandered around the building.

So the little slideshow below consists of a few images of me and my friend Lin, alongside me and my mum and a few images of the building as well as my final stand.

My outfit is:
Skirt – New Look Monochrome Skirt, last time I checked this was in the sale
Top – Primark Black long sleeved top
Necklace – gift from parents
Glasses – Boots Kyusu prescription
Shoes – Primark, these were from a few years ago!


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