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My struggle with migraines 🤕

Some of you may or may not know about the trouble I’ve had with migraines and headaches but this is going to be a post all about the troubles I’ve faced and how long it actually took to be diagnosed with migraines. After posting that I was writing this post, it shocked me how many people are battling with migraines and aren’t getting the support they should be! I feel I have been quite lucky with getting a diagnosis compared to what I heard of others.

The headaches started around a year ago as I entered my final year of uni, obviously I just put this down to stress and even thought it was my eyes causing the headaches. So obviously I went and got them tested (they had got worse and I needed a stronger prescription) however this wasn’t the cause of my headaches. I gave the glasses a few months to kick in and see if they helped.

Clearly nothing helped, I tried just taking pain killers to see if that eased the pain, if you’ve suffered from migraines before you know this does absolutely nothing.

Being in my final year, this was obviously becoming a pain as the only time it wasn’t painful was when I was laid in the dark and silence. Clearly this wasn’t going to get my final degree work completed meaning I had to constantly push myself to worth through the pain.

After months of being in pain I knew I needed to go to a doctor and see what could be done to get this sorted. As I’m a student I signed up as a temporary patient at my university’s doctor, this is a great way to see a doctor when you’re ill at university if you don’t want to transfer from your home doctors.

During this appointment the doctor asked me to describe the pain and said he thought it was a tension headache (I had never heard of this before and questioned it straight away) however he said for me to track my headaches and take some tension headache tablets (Amitriptyline) as well as tracking my diet. I was told to do this for a month and come back. So I had to suffer for yet another month, which is why I recommend you go as soon as you start to develop these pains, it is not ideal.

I did begin to feel like I was being ignored on these pains as claiming you have a migraine seems to be very common now.

However I stuck by the doctors advice and the pain did lift a little, however I was still in pain. To which he upped my dosage to two tablets a night. I then had to track this again for a month. In this time the headaches had started to increase and it was quite painful.

Tracking everything is a nightmare especially when you have a busy life and are constantly on the go and eating as and when you can. Obviously I wanted to track it anyway as I had issues with my stomach which is separate all together but also a pain!

Visiting home for a long weekend meant I had time to go to the doctors (Newgate medical centre) to get a second opinion. Obviously it took me ages to get in when ringing in the morning but that’s never a shock really. I can’t quite remember who I saw but I think it was Melissa (nurse practitioner).

I have seen her quite a few times and she’s always been extremely helpful and honest which is just what I want!

She was very sympathetic with the fact that id kept going back and forth but not had an actual diagnosis except for “tension headaches”, which I clearly knew it wasn’t.

To understand my problems, she asked me to just clarify the symptoms I receive as well as how often and how painful it was. From just a few simple words, she instantly said “well thats a migraine”, she gave me the diagnosis I’d been needing to hear.

The great thing was she spoke me through all the little things I can try, from paracetamol as the pain starts to creep in.

Having the brightness on my phone on low, having time away from social media and bright lights (laptops, iPad etc).

But not only that but she did prescribe me some tablets (pizotifen). I’ve started off on 0.5mg which is the lowest dosage to actually see how I react to these and if they do anything for me or not.

So far I’ve been on these for a month, and they have seemed to ease the pain slightly. It hasn’t improved massively but it actually seems to be getting slightly better. I’m hoping to continue these for another month before going back to see Melissa and speak about what to do next. Whether that is upping my dosage or trying something new.

For me, this has been an ongoing situation which has caused a lot of pain and frustration so I’m so happy that I’m finally being taken seriously and actually getting help for it all.

I’ll update you all when I next go back and see what is said and if there’s anything else I can do to get rid of them. Hopefully it will help some of you out who suffer as well.
I’ve also heard that the Daith piercing helps relieve some of the pain. I am definitely tempted to try it, has anyone tried this and seen it work?

Have you suffered from migraines? What was the response you got?
I’d love to hear from you all!
Until next time


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