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Harsh reality of final year 

So you’ve probably figured out that I’ve had to have a few days off from blogging and missed quite a few days of posting.

In my last post you may have noticed it was a very quick update on what’s been going on, well as it’s a weekend and I’ve sent my report off to print (YAY!) I’ve narrowed down my work load…. or I’m just avoiding doing my large art boards.

So I’ve decided this post is going to be very lifestyle and my opinion on my final year so far.

Obviously I knew final year was going to be tough, but I didn’t actually realise how tough it was going to be.

I was moving back into halls after my disastrous first year in halls and I was definitely not looking forward to it, until I actually moved in and met my lovely flat mates.  Yes Claire and Michael I’m actually calling you lovely. What’s wrong with me?

First semester wasn’t too bad, I was juggling French lessons with volunteering, working part time and my degree, as well as blogging. Can someone please tell me how I managed to do that?

But after a while, the stress did get to me and it was after Christmas as I had started my final campaign that it all got to me.

I ended up having a week away from university and work, away from all the extra stuff I had been doing to try and get me back to wanting to finish my degree.

It ended up with me having a meeting with my tutor, in which I told him I’d had a breakdown and I didn’t want to continue. I basically wanted to give up after 5 years of studying fashion.

Obviously, my tutor laughed and said he wasn’t letting me leave (thank you Paz for making me feel a lot better about everything) and he spoke through everything I needed to do. Which made it seem a lot more manageable than I thought it was going to be.

After that conversation, and speaking to my bosses (who even agreed I could cut back my hours if needed) I ended up dropping French as that was causing me extra stress and I decided to not force myself into blogging which I had been doing.

I’ve actually been letting myself have a few off days, which including mine and my mums visit to Nottingham. 

The reality of third year is, you can’t do everything. Sometimes you have to say you can’t do it and you need help. If I hadn’t asked for the help, I would still be struggling and hating my degree.

Don’t think that just because you can’t do everything means you’re weak, it means you’re strong enough to admit you can’t do it all.

If you ever feel like it gets too much, speak to someone before it gets worse. I definitely learnt that the hard way.

But even though you’re going through all of that, you never realise how many people are there for you and I am ever so grateful to all those who have helped me. From my flat mates, to my pulse baes, my bosses, my tutors, my course friends, and obviously my family. Thank you is never enough to say to all of these, even though they may not even read this post, I am so grateful💝

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