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Moving back to university

So I finished my first year of university in May and I had loved my first year, except for a few little things within my flat but im past all of that now.
Over the summer I had a lot going off and coming back to university has been benefical for me giving me chance to clear my head and sort my life out a little bit, obviously theres still a few things I have to try and sort but being back at university and starting a job at Primark has definitely helped me.

So moving house, yeah its not fun, even though I wasn’t full on moving house it was stressful, I mean I had the similar thing in first year moving out of my parents house into halls, however moving into halls and moving into a 2 bedroom house with your best friend are two completely different things, luckily the house is furnished so we didn’t have to worry about that, instead I had to make sure I had everything packed and everything I needed. unfortunately I packed a few things that now after clearing my head I don’t need in the house so after only moving in last week I already need to do a massive clear out.

so i thought I would upload a few pictures of the house for you to see, some of it is a little bit of a mess as I had only just finished unpacking and there are a few changes  I want to make and add a few bits to make it all a little bit more lively.

So first of all, the house is technically a 3 bedroom house but one of the rooms is quite small and only just fits a bed in so the landlord rents it out as a 2 bedroom with the one bedroom being a dressing room matching with the room with just a bed and the other room as a full bedroom.

I was lucky enough to get the room with just a bed and a dressing room and I actually love how cosy the room is with just a bed.

So this is in my dressing room on top of my drawers, yes it is a little bit of a mess but that’s because I have quite a few things and I’m still trying to figure out how to set everything out, I want to get a few nice boxes to place stuff in and make it less of a mess.

this is when you walk into the room and I have a wardrobe on the other side and a rail to add on clothes which don’t fit into the wardrobe.  as you can see I still have a few bags and boxes left to unpack and sort but I still need to figure out where I want to place these.

this is my room with just a bed, this is the view from on my bed so I’ve put up a little pin board to make it a little more “homey” with pictures of family and friends. I also have a few things in there that I might want either late at night or first thing in the morning, I also put up the witch I bought from Sarlat n holiday which is supposed to bring good luck which I thought was quite fitting moving back to university for second year.

  Then this is my bed which now has fairy lights above the headboard, but I love it because its just so comfy, the bedding is from Primark and I love Primark bedding purely because of how comfy the cotton is and its fairly cheap.
and obviously this is the kitchen, I’m not exactly the best at cooking and I would definitely prefer to just order in a takeaway rather than cook but I shall have to start getting used to cooking again as I cant really afford to just cook all the time but oh well, its nice to actually have a kitchen where if I’m hungry I can just go and cook rather than last year in halls it was kind of more difficult to go in.  I also now have a little back yard, I know its not huge or the best but its nice to have space at the back of the house so that when it gets to summer me and my friend can sit outside in the sun and have a few drinks or whatever we want. its nicer than just being stuck inside all the time.
I absolutely love our sofas (we have two the same), these weren’t the sofas we first had when we looked at the house, the ones we had were a bit minging and dated so our landlord got rid of them but my friends parents were lovely enough to buy us these, and i love them as they remind me of Friends and I am a massive fan of Friends!

So that sums up my little house, we are planning on adding a few things like posters/boards to add colour and make it feel a bit more homely, I’m also planning on adding more fairy lights to my room but other than that we are happy with the house.

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